Thursday, 10 September 2009

New owners

On 16th July 2009 we became proud owners of 15 acres * of woodland - Old Copse in West Sussex. Old Copse is a lovely piece of ancient woodland running between a minor road and the edge of an old Hammer Pond created for the medieval iron industry. The land slopes down towards the water which shines through the trees. Roughly a third of the area is covered with a Scots pine plantation which is nearing maturity. The pines have been removed in the other two thirds - probably 10-15 years ago, and a new wood has grown up - mainly birch, with some beech, oak,  and rowan.  We are determined to manage our wood for conservation and diversity, and we hope that Sarah's Msc in Environmental Assessment and Management will come in useful . We certainly plan to learn a lot  and at the same time have a lot of fun.

 *P.S. We were fortunate to be able to acquire a further , neighbouring 15 acres  in late 2012