Friday, 17 May 2013

A few avian visitors

Yesterday (16th) was what felt like the first warm day for a week. Short working visit to the wood produced a clear view of the kingfisher zipping along the stream in the north of OC2, a sighting of the male grebe on the  pond, a greater spotted woodpecker close by the gate in OC1 and a pair of jays. Lots of tawny owl activity heard from 3.30 onwards but no sightings. Cuckoo not heard this time but according to Sussex Ornithological Society has been spotted several time on the 14th green of the golf course. 

Friday, 10 May 2013

Spring is late but here

Spring has finally and belatedly arrived in the wood. The cuckoo has been heard calling from further north in St Leonards Forest - from almost exactly the same spot as it called last year. Brimstone butterflies have appeared on the ride. Tawny owls have been calling very early - possibly as a result of the long winter they need to start feeding early as food is scarce. On Friday 3rd two tawny owls were spotted in a large beech in the middle of Old Copse Two, sitting side by side on a branch. This is evidently a favourite tree as shown by the droppings beneath it. Would be wonderful if these were a breeding pair.

The clearing work to create the new glade in Old Copse 1 is settling down, although the remaining piles of brash still need to be removed, or scattered or burned. Blurred phone photos show Dan and Cav working to create the new space back in January.

Dan and Cav felling the new glade
All these logs will be towed and stacked