Monday, 4 November 2013

Post storm news

Recently returned from an Autumn trip to Cyprus staying with friends. Wonderful food, marvellous weather,  26 degrees and not a cloud in a brilliant blue sky. In the Troodos mountains we found Greek Strawberry trees which have a remarkably cold and hard bark (but no strawberries).

Back in England we went to Old Copse to check out any damage following the storm on 28th October. None at all except for a large fallen oak at the south end which is now lying gracefully across the Pond.

On the OC2 ride the stalkers have put up a deer seat which surveys the large scallop in the birch that they created recently, and also the pink deerlick,  now much licked. The nearby rutting stands are showing evidence of use, and we caught sight of a white stag with large antlers.

Still managing to find mushrooms, (but fortunately no Romanians) despite the storm.

Still shifting the firewood pile on the OC1 Ride, and moving it near the gate.  It will so much  easier to process  firewood once Sarah gets her chainsaw qualification....