Monday, 29 June 2015

Filming in the Wood

The wood made a wonderful atmospheric location for a movie 'short' being shot over the weekend . Its young director won an award last year at Cannes for another of her short films. The crew had to contend with changeable weather and the relentless quacking of a moorhen aggrieved at the intrusion.

For the full annoying moorhen effect, click here: 

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Getting results

Back in the winter we were pollarding the willow in the willow grove. Six months later we have been rewarded with flourishing new willow growth on the pollards, and a  fine collection of ferns that have sprung up in the increased light.

Also responding to the increased light levels are these foxgloves near the new OC2  car park. These have started to appear where none have been before because the bracken has been kept well under control. The grass is rushing in too, and bluebells. Next year we will probably mow this area at the end of the Summer.

Friday, 19 June 2015

(Almost) Midsummer party in Old Copse

We had a welcome break from woodland work the other day. The rain held off, and the sun came out. Lots of fun was had, and running about in the woods with excitable dogs. Also, boating on the Pond, thanks to Messrs Woodhatch Senior and Junior. Plus one intrepid swimmer, a DIY barbecue, and a make a head dress competition from whatever you can find in the wood, (judged by a real judge). What more could anyone want?

The Pond looking as beautiful as ever.

Judge Jane with the under 16 and over 16 Head-dress 1st prize winners.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Growing Your Own

Very pleased with the progress of our experimental  propagation. There is a growing collection of young trees and shrubs in the garden, grown from material collected in the wood last year - seeds,  cuttings and transplants - including oak, hazel, willow, and broom . There is also a thriving walnut and a mulberry started earlier which will need a lot of space. We'll  find a good open place for these in one of the glades.

The deer problem means it's not safe to leave them growing unprotected, so we hope to give them a better chance of survival by growing them on at home and then re-planting them back in the wood when they are sturdier, with deer protection . Many beech are coming up in the wood which we must protect as soon as possible with tubes or larger guards, before they are eaten .

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Another job done

The job of clearing holly from a large area adjacent to the ghyll was finished last week. We've had 3 bonfires, there's one final  pile of holly branches  to burn, and  a large amount of  wood to find a use for. Firewood, a couple of seats, a bridge over the stream, and some habitat piles should use up quite a lot.

Removal of holly revealed large numbers of holes in the clayey bank of the stream over quite a large area. Some of them showed signs of habitation, but many looked abandoned. Could they have been made by a Kingfisher?  or perhaps a water vole?  More investigation needed.

Wildlife Photo of the Week by Mr. Woodhatch with his phone.

Found in Grouse Road, adjacent to the wood, this fledgling Greater Spotted Woodpecker, who first jumped on his foot, then  onto his leg, before flying off into an oak-tree.