Friday, 1 August 2014


I'm a bit excited because I've discovered that there might be a market for the bracken infestation I keep going on about. I emailed  a  Japanese friend some  photos of the cabin, and she was very interested in the bracken she saw in the images. I can't recall eating warabimochi when I lived in Nagoya for some months, but I'm sure it's oishi! (delicious)  Also very popular in Korea, the delicacy is made from bracken roots which are starchy  and formed into jelly like balls. These are served chilled, and before eating are  dipped into kinako  - sweetened, toasted soybean flour. Petra (see previous post) mentioned that she had heard of someone who has started exporting bracken roots to Korea - I wonder why - is there a shortage of bracken in Korea and Japan?  Anyway, further investigation is planned. Yoshiko is visiting from Japan later in August, and she wants to see the wood so perhaps I will learn more about it then.

Silver washed fritilleries flew around Sarah today as she was processing felled birch on the OC 2 Ride in the sun.