Friday 28 March 2014

Log cabin bulletin

The build goes on apace. The craftsmen have gone off to Southern Poland in the van to visit families and to return with a log burner,  and the mysterious 'chinking' - more on this when they return. The door is on, and adorned with a sturdy Moroccan bolt, hinges, door handle, and hand made nails, all the iron forged by hand in a Marrakech Souk, and much approved of by Kris the master craftsman.

Marrakech Blacksmiths: Note the tiny crucible where they forge their iron 

The wily fallow deer have been successfully evading Stuart and his gun since before Christmas, however he did manage to bag a small one a couple of days ago, much to his satisfaction. We were invited to view the gralloching,  but politely declined.

The bluebells are putting out their shoots all over the place, including in the ruts left by the tractor. Marsh tits and goldcrests are flitting in the Scots Pines, and the woodpecker is busy. Roll on Spring.

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