Thursday 19 June 2014

Enjoyable cabin titivation

Well, the cabin is now finished except for  non-urgent odds and ends. The decision on guttering has now been made,  and it is fixed to one side of the cabin so the rain run-off on that side will be directed  behind the cabin -  draining into a new small wild-life pond perhaps - we'll see.   The windows are finally in, made by Kryzstof in the end, who did an expert job, as usual. There is a wonderful piney resinous smell in the cabin  - I hope it doesn't disappear as the logs gradually season.

It's been fun outfitting it  from old bits and pieces no longer wanted at home, and long destined  for Freecycle or Gumtree. It's like furnishing a Wendy House. We're keeping it simple, a small table,  a rocking chair, to go with Sarah's imaginary banjo,  a pair of free standing shelves for storage, and a trestle table or fixed shelf for a little camping stove, to be used when the log burner isn't lit, or we don't have a cooking fire outside. It'll  be very cosy, and such a relief not to have to lug tools and equipment to and from the wood every time, and managing to forget some essential item. Not that we will be storing anything of value in the cabin - definitely no chainsaws on site.

We've been investigating different sorts of outhouses/dunnies. It won't be used all that much, but would be useful, especially for children. Also planned is a simple solar power set up to provide a bit of extra lighting when needed.  Already the cabin has given an idea of how managing Old Copse will be easier. BC (Before Cabin) each visit was a matter of arriving, un-packing, working like billyo, and then packing up and leaving -  in a hurry if it's started to pour down Either that, or having to stand under a dismal tarpaulin waiting for the rain to stop.  

We appreciate the difference in pace now -  we are visiting more, staying longer,  getting a lot more essential work done, but also enjoying 'cabin life' - taking time to sit out on the deck with a sun downer, while listening to and seeing wild-life in the wood and on the pond. It was a without a doubt a great decision to obtain planning permission for a traditional log cabin made from our own trees.

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