Sunday, 23 December 2018

Boys in the Wood

A Grandson celebrates his winter solstice birthday in the wood with some friends. Inner city London boys, they left the big city behind to come down to the wild, wild wood for a stay in the cabin.  I think they had a very good time. Off to different Universities in the next couple of years  it was a chance to spend some time  together before going back to more exam  swotting. It's good to see a younger generation enjoying the wood , even in winter, with darkness falling at  3.30 p.m

Photos by Angelo, Dylan, Ibrahim, and Oliver

                                     Difficult to get the fire going when it's been so rainy

Still life with electric toothbrush

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  1. If "inner city" means Sydenham Wood, Oxleas Wood and Hilly Fields among many green spaces around Brockley then fine. People who live in Brighton are "inner city" if not more than Londoners with few parks and far too much traffic...