Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Ride-side thinning

Just completed quite a large section of the Old Copse 2 Ride that was choked with holly and birch, and so dark that nothing could grow underneath it. Unfortunately a 'before' picture wasn't taken, so must remember to do this next time. Now the fledgling oaks, beech, rowan and cherry can stretch out and grow properly. There is also a very impressive Scots Pine that escaped the 1987 storm, and with a bit more clearance around it will soon  be seen in all its glory. The site is now cleared of timber and tree tops, and the logs stacked on bearers to season for a year, and sell, or, preferably, to barter. We have learned the hard way to be properly businesslike about the sale of firewood, as our first contractor removed several cords, damaging the Ride in the process, and then 'forgot' to pay us.

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