Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Trying to decide if this archaeological feature marks an ancient cess-pit cover or a Spring

Today we welcomed Hilary to Old Copse. Under the auspices of the Woodland Trust/Sussex Wildlife Trust  'PAWS' restoration project  she is going  to research Old Copse's history by visiting Horsham Museum and West Sussex records office in Chichester to study old documents and extend our understanding of  the wood's past.

Hilary lives nearby , and in addition to research she has offered to help  with work at the wood , which is fantastic. We are slowly  building up a circle of  enthusiasts  who bring their expertise and energy to the restoration of the wood. Each brings different ideas/ life experience to the task , which can only enrich what we do.....and there is a great deal to do.

 And here is our spanking new entrance, gate, track, and parking area,  in the birch clearing on the east side of the wood. This gives us a safe turn in off the road, a firm surface to drive on, and space for timber extraction vehicles when needed.

Hilary spotted our resident kingfisher zooming along the pond, and last week, a stoat, (or weasel) was seen in one of the scots pine timber stacks. A magnificent  stag with huge antlers was in the birchwood, and a young one just developing its adult spotted coat, leapt past within 10 feet of me when I was outside the cabin. The owls seem to be getting out of bed early - we hear them at about 3.30pm. Perhaps they're practising for when the clocks go back.

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