Thursday, 30 October 2014

Visiting Other Woods

Autumn was well advanced high in the Troodos mountain forest near Mount Olympus on a recent visit. The whole area is extremely rich in  flora including the wild service tree, juniper, oriental alder and plane; golden oak and black pine -  many of these over 500 years old, and some up to a 1,000. Plus waterfalls , and streams flickering with young trout. The major threat to these beautiful,  natural woods is fire during the scorching summers. At least we don't have that to contend with at damp Old Copse. Much birdlife too: treecreepers , woodlarks, warblers ,  nightingales  - and  Hoopoes, my favourite.

Strawberry Tree trunks, moss covered rocks. Looks like a Japanese garden.

Oriental Plane, Black Pine

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