Thursday, 6 November 2014

Autumn at Old Copse

Sometimes things don't go to plan. The BBC weather chart said sunshine all day, so it was off to the wood to get a few hours work in. But the sun soon disappeared and the rain poured down for an hour or more.  We just took to the cabin, brewed up tea and enjoyed the rain, the wonderful light and colours, from the shelter of the deck until it stopped and we could get back to work. But before we did that, we took time to look again at some of our favourite parts of the wood.

A particularly lovely view of the Pond

The cabin seen from the Pond

A continuation of Frenchbridge Ghyll which drains into the Pond. This is a very atmospheric part of Old Copse, secretive and hidden , a little like a Helford River Creek.
No idea how this old iron cart wheel got here. The whole area floods in the winter .This wet ghyll woodland is rich in wildlife including adders and slow-worms. 

Cabin Point:  A view of the Pond from the cabin 
Another view: from the cabin window

Our beautiful composting loo in the bracken, beech and pine

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